Server names and access

I just began an account with Dreamhost. I control all of my own domain names, so it will be a few days until the changes are propogated through DNS. I want to be able to access my website via FTP in the meantime and have it setup so that it’s ready to go when that happens.

But I can’t seem to figure out how to access it via the server names. In my account, it says that it resides on the server “ruble” and I can successfully FTP to, but when I attempt to login with my webID and password, it bounces me out.

Can someone help me with this. I really want to get started uploading this stuff as soon as possible so the trnasition to Dreamhost is seamless.

From what I have seen, it takes several (6-12?) hours for everything to get setup.


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A “web ID” is only for the control panel (and, oddly, web site stats). You need a system account before you can upload files. To create a system account, log into the panel and create an account in the Users section. Here you will select your main login and choose FTP or SSH/SCP/SFTP access.