Server & MySQL requirements



I’m thinking of installing a new component to my Joomla site.

The server requirements are:
PHP 5.x
MySQL 5.0.x or higher with INNODB support

How can I find out if I meet these requirements?




You are lucky.

DH supports PHP 4 and PHP 5. You can switch between them easily via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit

DH uses MySQL 5.0.16 (at least on my server).

To check the setting on your server you can SSH to your server and type commands

php -v

mysql -V

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Just a note on php -v

I believe that will report the ‘server default’ version (which would be v4 in most cases)

To check which version your domain is using, create an info.php:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Upload to your domain folder and open it in a browser.

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