Server Monitoring suggestion


It would be nice if DraemHost monitored their server (more closely) to detect and fix some problems without us, customers, submitting tickets.

For example, I have seen the problem of CGI/PHP delay of 30 seconds (or multiple of 30 seconds), every once in a while.
And once it starts, it usually continues till I submit a Ticket(s).

I’ve waited several days on a server where I have less critical sites to see if DreamHost would detect it and correct without our intervention.
But it’s rare to see this problem fixed without ticket(s) and delay.

It’s very easy to catch the problem.

Place a CGI like this (or any small CGI) on a server,
echo ''
echo ‘OK’

then check if the server respond before 30 seconds and issue
a warning to admin as needed.
Put the check script in crontab to do it every 30 minutes or so.

It doesn’t take time to implement, doesn’t require machine power,
and reduce the frustration of clients.

And if DreamHost doesn’t do something, I can do it on my own.

It’s easy to send a ticket, automatically, as well as making a forum reply post in a dedicated thread, for example.
I can do this for many servers if other users are interested, too.
(And we can add any other server statistic monitoring as desired)