Server Migration From DreamHost To AWS


I have been using a dream host based hosting server for last 2 years and it has been a great journey to me working with Dream host. Actually we were two partners. The one was the techie guy who deals with the management of hosting and other development related stuff and I deals with the marketing stuff. But he just went to oxford leaving me and the business alone. I tried to manage it on my own by it’s far more difficult then I imagine. So, now I am outsourcing the stuff which has increased the cost of doing business. So, I have decided to opt for the managed hosting solution to counter the hosting management.
So, please guide me with the process of server migration from DreamHost to amazon web servers. I hope you guys are not offended by my question and will try to understand my situation.


I’ve got to be honest with you (because I use AWS services), DreamHost is far, far easier to use than AWS. If you are lost with DreamHost, you will be even more lost with AWS.

That said, if you have a particular DreamHost product (shared hosting, VPS, etc) and a platform (WordPress, Drupal, etc) and a particular question, we can probably help you with that.


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