Server migrated, user migrated?

After the migration of the servers, I got a lot of problem on accessibility of system files. Apparently the server doesn’t run with the same user as I use to create files and folders. It’s really annoying and I can’t find any solution from Dreamhost Wiki.

Could Dreamhost rebuild the users for the new server?

They sure can. Just message Support via Panel to have them check everything.

Most forum scripts based on text file databases or related to cache writing suffer from this problem. I assumed Dreamhost should take this into account before they migrate thousands of forums to new servers. But, this didn’t happen.

I submitted this problem via Dreamhost panel and have waited so far for almost 4 hours.

From my understanding of your initial post it doesn’t matter what application is used, nor the database method or caching employed.

If your issue is indeed a user/group mismatch of some description and you need the site up ASAP you can fix user permissions yourself by creating another user and uploading the site files into the new userspace. Then in Panel set the domain to be served from the newly created user (who will have ownership of all the files).

Thanks a lot, sXi!

Just now I found my site back. Dreamhost staff fixed the problem.

I think the problem was caused by the change of file owners under Unix/Linux platform because the mode of files were the same as before. Even with 777 I got a reply of “permission denied”.

Thank you again!