Server Locking Up

My dedicated server has recently started to lock up quite often.
When I issue a reboot, it takes an hour to execute.
The “services execution history” says the reboot is “queued for execution”, along with several other jobs.

I also noticed that several jobs say “died” or “failure”, and some say “success” but took over an hour to execute.

Has anyone else had this problem or something similar?
If so, what was the solution?


I would guess that you ahve some kind of a run-away process. I’d have a look at the server logs, cpu usage - see what’s running that’s taking up so much of your processing power. I also suspect that support will help you out.


Good afternoon everyone. My apologies if this is placed on the wrong forum…but I’m trying to link my squirrel mail account with Mac Entourage. It asks for
incoming server:
outgoing server:
When I add all of this info then include my password & login, there’s a ‘Login Failed’ error. My account id and password are incorrect. Isn’t the account id your email prefix? Any ideas how to get this sorted?

it depends. the email account id is either the username that you set up or the mailbox username which would be something like m7654321

if you just set up a new mailbox and it assigned you a username like m7654321 then you need to enter that in entourage.