Server Load

Based on what I can see from the shell, when I check in randomly throughout the day, the servers, at least mine are getting hit hard. Server Load was running about 4-5 before, now upwards of 6-7. Anyone else noticing these problems.

From my experience, anything around 1-2 is ok, (ie… if I understand this right, 1-2 processes waiting for cpu time)… meaning the server isn’t trying to hard to serve all the pages… but 6-8, I’ve never seen it that high.

My previous host had intermittent server load, but nothing like the sustained load I’m seeing on these, I hope DH addresses this soon, I think its a direct relationship to people’s time out errors and other server errors that have been happening in the last several weeks.

Heh, better than our server. During busy hours the load hovered between 16 and 20 for a few days, and nowadays it’s between 6 and 14. At this moment it’s sitting comfortably at around 3, but everyone’s asleep at this hour anyway :slight_smile:

When the load average is high, our sites do get slow. When it hit over 20 it took about 9.5 seconds to create a simple PHP page. I’ve had that page get created in around 0.01 seconds flat on our previous host, which was one of those five-bucks-a-quarter wonders.

I’m patient, but I am kinda curious on what’s going on at DH.

As a new member I have to say I’m growing concerned, I switched cause I felt this was the right thing to do, but performance is so far from what I’m use to, I would love to give them time, but I need this to be addressed either way before I make my decision.

I’m with you on being concerned. I’m a new member too and php/mysql pages have been terribly slow for me since I got here. They suggested moving me to a different server because the load was high on mine. Well, they just moved me from vito to marvin and there is no speed increase at all.

I’m starting to get pretty frustrated.

While I’m not glad that others are experiencing similar problems, it is good to know that these are not just isolated problems, it seems like performance is being hurt across the board. Between, ftp, panel, php and mysql… the only thing that doesnt seem to be effected are some really simple html pages, that serve pretty well… but thats not a big ‘bonus’.