Server issues?

I’ve had Dreamhost for about 2 days, and I haven’t had any trouble uploading anything but when I want to open my index page, or any page, I get an error message saying that my server isn’t responding. Help?

Well, if the website you are talking is the one on your profile, your website seams to be working. I got the front page, clicking on the image brought me to the index of page which was empty. So you should be set. Probably it was not finish propagating across the net yet.
As you may be aware, your front page and the subdomain are two separate folders. Your domain folder and the subdomain folder will be sister folders below your root folder. So backing out of your domain folder you should see the subdomain folder.

Seriously? I’ve tried to view it on multiple computers in my house and it’s just not working. GAH It’s probably my impatient internet. Thank you!

Try clearing the cache in your browser. I try to do that whenever I update my site, to make sure I see the latest data and not a cache.

Hm, I cleared it and it still doesn’t want to load. :\

The DNS has probably simply not propigated to your ISP yet. It may take upwards of 72 hours to do this.

–Matttail - personal website