Server IP to point


I register a hosting plan with DH with my domain. I know now i want change my domain DNS to DH name server (, …), but i have one problem : i can’t change DNS because my registrar do not allow to do it, they just allow point my domain to hosting IP (via A record).

I want to ask DH server IP, for point my domain (server wollows) ?



You can find the IP address for your domain by clicking the “DNS” link under the domain name on the “Manage Domains” section of the panel once you have added the domain to your hosting account. All your DNS entries are there. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but i do not found any IP information on that page.
Here is my screen shot :


It looks like you have not yet set up a Fully Hosted domain. Or any other type of hosting, for that matter. You’ll need to go back to Manage Domains and Add New Domain/Sub-Domain.


It Fully Hosted with normal hosting plan :


That’s a mystery to me. It looks like something got lost because it’s set to use a non-DreamHost name server. Now would be a good time to submit a Support Ticket.


If you just need the IP address of Dreamhost servers, you can get it by using the “Command Prompt” on your computer. If you are using Windows, you could go to Start > Accessories > Command Prompt, and when you get to the black screen type:ping (or whatever the server DNS is given). It will come up with details about the connection to that DNS including the IP address.
Hope this is of some help, Regards