Server file management

This is a pretty basic question and I’ve been surprised that my searches haven’t turned up a FAQ about it (unless this subject has long ago submerged beneath a pool of jargon and abbreviated keywords): Is there any way to do file management directly on the server for one’s web site files? Is it the shell and if not, is there something I can install that might have more than just a command line interface (not that commands are a problem, but a two-pane file manager would be great).

I’m specifically referring to file transfers that do not involve my local computer disks, only the server (e.g., making a fast backup of a CMS site or developing a replacement of one that you can simply move into place). My FTP file manager can do all the simple things like rename folders, but an major download or upload can take quite a while and seems excessive if I just wanted to move site files around. Thanks!

You can use CloudBerry S3 Explorer (Professional) for this. It can open 2 the same or different FTP panels/windows next to eachother. Originally made for Amazon, but also works great for FTP. No SFTP available at this time.

Or use Total Commander (FREE), very basic for FTP, but workable.

Sure there are other programs around, so maybe others have better solutions.

what you want can be accomplished via ssh. i have a link (thanks to google) to a windows app and the page says its ssh code is based on putty but i cannot vouch for how it works since i don’t use windows anymore and am not inclined to install a program i won’t use anyway under wine :slight_smile:

For Windows, WinSCP is a great tool:

Thanks. I’ll check out Cloudberry. I actually already use (and swear by) Total Commander for general file management and FTP, but unless I’ve missed something, it only transfers files up and down to the server, but not from one non-Windows server folder to another (directly, that is).

I never tried Total Commander for FTP, but I know it can open 2 FTP panels.
I think every Windows user should have Total Commander as there main file management program.
At least all my friends and family I mentioned it too are now all also convinced users.

CloudBerry I do know for sure it can do what you want, done it myself. I do have the Pro version, but am not sure if the free version also does it. You can copy, move, delete any file between the same domain or different domain.

Please note that in principal you should always use SFTP (with a real FTP program like FileZilla - FREE) for all FTP operations/transfers, since SFTP encrypts all data incl. user/pwd. Using unsecure FTP could get your websites hacked. So use CloudBerry/Total Commander only for the cleanup, but not as a standard FTP program.