Server Error Logs

I’m looking for the server error logs. There’s a pre-made script that I’m trying to run and it errors out on me. I’m hoping to get more information than the ‘500 Internal Server Error’ message. Is the server error log the way to go? How do I access it? When is it updated?




Yes, the error log will give you more information on the cause of the error, which may (or may not) help you resolve the problem.

You will find the error log for a particular domain in your home directory at /logs/domain/http/error.log

I believe the error.log file is updated immediately by Apache.


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I’m trying to track down a WordPress issue (keeps giving me the “plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error” message), and the only error.log I’m finding at that location is 0 bytes and has a date of 12:01 am.

access.log is updating… so maybe WordPress isn’t passing the error on to the log somehow???