Server error 500 over quota

Taking over communication and IT for non profit. Users can’t access webmail due to this error: “Internal Server Error 500 Users ‘aauwroch’ is over quota”.

Email is problematic at times. Domain name, mail and web hosting are through DH. This is a non profit run mostly by volunteers. I agreed to take over IT, but I only have information through Word Press access of the website. I need ftp and cpanel access to add second domain and email users. As a non profit, I am not even sure that domain or hosting cost anything. Credit card company if used for domain or hosting package were changed last year. No records of payments to DH from the last 2 years.
Help? Where do I start?

non-profits that submit correct documentation can get a free account, BUT that account is limited to hosting ONE domain.

you need to open ticket for webmail error tho. If you don’t have panel access you need to figure out how to get it. Sometimes support can help with that, but sometimes they can’t too, after all they wouldn’t want to give access to the wrong person saying they are the right person.

So… to engage support without panel access use this form:

Ok, I’m trying that route. The Executive Director is the same person and the CC had her name on it as well as the non profits name.