Server down?


i can’t seem to get on my site –

it’s hosted on the server.

thanks in advance if anyone could help me out.


Mine seems to be down as well on fundip. I already did the report server thing.


Your site is down for me too. Report it as down in the panel.


My server-wide report was returned as there not being any problems…weird.


Two of my 8 sites are down: and

and 2 email accounts are out as well.
I’ve been with dreamhost for over 10 years. And the longer I’m with them, the more outtages and problems they seem to be having in each passing year.

This is REALLY bad timing too as we’re fighting city council and I need my site up. Now.

Already sent to support.


********* Critical Announcement *********
(posted 1 min 5 secs ago)

We are currently experiencing a denial of service attack, and are
working to block it. If your site, ftp, or email is unresponsive this
is probably the cause.
We will post an update at when we have more news.!