Server down?


Hey everyone. My and my friend bought a hosting package from here the otherday and everything was working perfectly, great service. However, in the last 10 mins or so, the site hasnt been working…In firefox i just get a white page and in Internet Explorer i get page cannot be displayed. The link is to test if its only me, but i asked my friend and it didnt work for him either, so i dunno. I havent changed any settings or done anything and it randomly did this on its own.

Thanks for any help you give, much appericated.


works on IE on my macintosh.


Likewise for my site at, I just registered a forum account to post about it, coincidentally enough ^^

Are you on Spree by any chance?

Edit: Yeah, looks like you are.


Yeah, I am. Hmmm you’re getting it too? Strange. And weird how it worked for forgotusername O_o

Yep, i get the same thing for your site too…

#5 loads fine here also, using Firefox on WinXP.


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