Server down?


My site randomly goes down for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. It’s pretty irritating while I’m trying to update it. What’s the word on that?


Alright, now it’s up down up down up down. Anyone know the email address to contact when this crap is going down?


Have you recently registered your domain, or have you recently altered the DNS settings at all?

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
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Which server is your site on?

My server (‘Bixel’) has had a couple of short outages over the last few days, but they are so short that by the time I get ready to lodge a support request, the server is back up.

Your best option is to use the facilities in the Support->Contact Support section of the Web Admin Panel.

As Simon said, if your domain is new, the problem might be related to DNS not having fully propagated across the Internet yet.


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My second week with Dreamhost, my server also doesn’t seem stable. It’s up and down several times in last 2-3 days. Maybe this is because it’s a newly added domain, I don’t know.
I hope it doesn’t continue, I liked Dreamhost…


I have been with these guys for two weeks also. 3 outages so far. Short, about 30 mins each time… but these are the ones I have noticed so could be more.

Guess I am caught with my trousers down as it seems their weak gurantee doesnt apply to paypal payments. Guess it does not count as dosh eh.


Has anyone noticed an extended outage tonight? My sites (on arrow) have been inaccessable for 3hrs.

Cedar Grove, Indiana


Not here. My Sites have been fine today (on ‘Bixel’).


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25 minutes after I submitted the problem to DH all is fine, do you run any website monitoring software?

Cedar Grove, Indiana


Not at present, as I am currently in the middle of some site changes, but a quick look at the logs shows no abnormal break in traffic to my sites today.


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I am getting the exact same thing. Goes down (all my sites) submit to DH and 25-30 mins later they all start working again and get their robot reply saying no server wide problem found bla bla bla. I have started to monitor the sites uptime via an external service now to keep track of all these little outages.

I am on the whittier server.