Server down, what todo


I have been experiencing so much down time. The server has been down atleast 10 times in past 2 weeks. It is down, and 2nd down time today. I am just wondering if there is anything I can do during the down time apart from writing to support? Can I call? Could dreamhost set up backup/redudant web server for customer those gets down time and switch this server on immediately when main server goes down? I can understand if it goes down 1-2-3 times but it has been 10 times. I am trying to find a solution to my business. Please recommend.

Actual server downtime is fairly unusual. Have you run a traceroute to see if there are any problems between your IP and the server? Please give the URL of your site when asking questions like this, or it is not possible for anyone to help you.

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I did traceroute and everything and I could access fine. Email continues to work and site just inaccessible. The site is and several other sites. It’s backed up again. The support is well aware of this issue and sure it’s not network problem.

Thanks for the heads up.

When you say that the server is “down”, is it unpingable or does it just not serve up pages? Can you SSH into it?

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Thanks for the heads up. SSH is down and site cannot be viewed. Support staff just confirmed that the server got rebooted (again… atleast 2nd time today)… uptime is 2 hours 29 minutes (from uptime command)… is it my bad luck that I am on this server that goes down more often than other servers?

Ouch, sounds like a bit of bad luck. In the past three months I’ve only had 3 specific problem periods (not counting host-wide DNS DDOS problems). Two were related to trouble with my NFS server and one was related to a wild neighbor having a CPU party. One of the NFS problems took several days to work out, the other NFS problem was an overnight job, and the party got shut down in a couple of hours.

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Yep, bad luck. If your server is a lemon, they eventually switch it to new hardware. Or they’ll move you to a different server. You can help that along by submitting a support ticket every time it goes down. Be the squeaky wheel.