Server down and four sites out

Maybe it’s just me, but it would seem useful to make this ‘escalation’ function available through the panel rather than relying on customers signing up to a third-party service. You’re asking your customers to give away their personal information to a third party to avail themselves of this escalation service, so how is that any different to you giving out your personal phone number?

That’s a rhetorical question, but the point is, this should be available through the panel.

Twitter and Facebook aren’t official ways to “escalate” an issue – I was merely presenting options :slight_smile: We do appreciate the feedback, and will definitely move it up the chain, as we are making changes to the panel and your suggestions are really useful. Thanks!

raises hand :wink:

It’s good to know the Social Media apps can be used to bitch and moan in effort to poke a rib, but I agree with bobocat that if an issue is pressing the function should be available in Panel, if only for privacy reasons.

Don’t you get spammed to Hell and back on FB & Twitter with complaints? Yet?

But given that it’s possible to escalate an issue via Twitter and Facebook and it’s not possible to do so through the panel, then it would seem that Twitter and Facebook are the official way to escalate an issue since they are the only way.

If social feeds are working for the staff (and maybe even preferable for some) then perhaps a Dev could setup an auto-tweet from an alias account to fire when any user ticks a “Calling All Stations” box on the ticket in question. Have a note next to the box informing the user that the ticket number and subject will be tweeted/fb’d in case they don’t want to disclose too much info publicly.