Server down and four sites out

I have sent 2 support tickets with an automated “we will get back to you” response. Not very professional in my opinion.
I have 4 sites on the new meriwether server, and just went through a migration with a day of downtime two weeks ago. That was rough.
Dreamhost staff worked to resolve the problem, which was great.
Now I am experiencing a outage of 6 DAYS! with 4 sites!
This is beyond critical…
What is with this server? Is it f@$#*d?
I just want a little transparancy from some dreamhost staff.

They don’t seem to do transparency anymore :frowning:

6 days is an awfully long time. Can you give us one of the domains to try out?

6 days is real, real, long.

littlebitedifferent: I apologize for the delay in response and the trouble you are having with your sites as a result of your account migration. Sometimes we have an influx of tickets, and we try to get to all of them within 24 hours, but sometimes it might take a little longer. :confused: I competely understand how frustrating it is, and I genuinely appreciate your letting us know, and your feedback. The server move to a newer data center and newer hardware was made with the intention to give you a better experience. I can assure you, I have one of our tech support leads investigating your tickets now and working on your server. I’ll make sure to keep you updated here as well. Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation.

The first site is not properly configured. There appear to be no Web files there.

Second is a misconfiguration.

Thanks dreamhost staff, maybe in situations like this, with extended downtimes, businesses coming to a halt, and people jumping out of windows, it would be nice to have more feedback from your end.

Gene, thaks for your input, but have no idea what that means.

  1. Where are the files for> It brings up your main folder and there are only two files in it.

  2. If you don’t understand what the misconfiguration is about, maybe you should ask a Web designer for help. I freely admit that I’m no expert at any of this; I’m just a dabbler and I know just enough to usually stay out of trouble. Usually. :slight_smile:

I think dreamhost staff will know the answer to that.

Up and working fine one minute, gone the next…

littlebitedifferent is loading up okay now. personalchefontario appears to have been reset to a blank slate somehow :frowning:

Just emailed you! I hope that explanation helps. Please reply there directly if you have any follow-up questions or concerns. Once again, I do apologize on behalf of our team for the delay in response; We really do appreciate your feedback and patience. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much. Lets see how this all propagates.
Next time something happens major like this (which I hope is never)
I will just jump on a forum right away!

You can definitely post here, and you can always escalate your issues to us via Twitter @dreamhostcare, or even message us on Facebook! Sometimes when we have busy days of long email queues here at DreamHost, those are the best ways to receive immediate attention. Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen again! But if it does, we’ll be here for you. :slight_smile:

Just one more quick question,
Is this an issue with my sites at all? or is it just something that went wrong with the migration process?
Uncommon, but it does happen from time to time?

As Sean stated in his email reply, the problem seemed to stem from the account migration, in which there was a configuration error. This does happen from time to time when a server is moved. After propagation completes, if you should find yourself running into any other issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll be happy to help sort it all out. Thanks!

Hi There,
Thanks for getting my 3 other sites up back and running again.
One problem. is still toast.
Please help, this is the most powerful site of all for my business.
Did we miss something??!!!

That site works for me.

It’s loading for me on our end as well. Are you seeing any errors?

God damn,
It works with chrome, but not with IE WTF?
Anything I can do?
I know Internet explorer is a chunk of crap. But is there an issue I can fix? Or just bide my time and wait for them to catch on?
Thanks so much everyone!

Is there any way to ‘escalate’ an issue without having to sign up for a third party service such as Twitter or Facebook?

Aside from giving you my personal phone number ( :wink: ), Twitter and Facebook are really useful alternatives when you’d like to ask a quick question, or check on the status of your submitted ticket[s], as we monitor those social networking sites throughout the day. Every ticket is important, but sometimes on our busier days, as I mentioned, Twitter and Facebook are good for adding a little extra urgency if you are so inclined. This way, our Social Support and Tech Support teams work hand-in-hand to get you the quickest and most thorough replies possible. :slight_smile: