Server down again

Does anyone else have problems with thier site/FTP going down? I don’ t know how often it happens becuase I’m not constantly going to my site or ftp-ing.

But lately when I do there have been quite a few occasions when thier both down.

To me this unnacceptable. My site is my living.

Anyone else?

For the past two to three days in fact, I’ve noticed something strange with the FTP server.

Sometimes in the middle of an upload (using STOR) or during a LIST it’ll simply halt. Providing my FTP client with no response and then eventually the connection times out.

I just spoke with Jordan yesterday concerning some issues I had, and he did make mention that their DNS servers are under a heavy load for whatever reason.

Whether this has anything to do with the other, I’ve no clue.


Signature goes here. Woo.

I’m also having lots of timeout problems with FTP, but I thought this was an issue on my side rather than on Dreamhost side. HTTP, mail, etc. work fine, though.
I’m the only user at my domain to use FTP so nobody else notices, but it’s not unusual for me to have to re-login to FTP every few minutes and continue from where it died. This is a big nuisance. I thought it was just my connection, but I’ve replied here because now it seems it might be a DH issue?


I too have been noticing some sparatic issues. It’s not only with FTP, SSH and Telnet seemed to have the same problems everytime FTP buggers up. It’s always all three of them at once and no other services has problems.

I submitted a support request and they said my server had some problems but that they are fixed now.

BUT today, once again, my site and ftp are down.

AND i just noticed in their terms they don’t seem to have any uptime guarantee. Hmmm. I’m going elsewhere if this isn’t fixed.

What good are all these new features if you’re site doesn’t work?