Server dir structure

I find myself lost.

I telnet into my site, no problem.
If I do cd / I’m taken to the server’s root.
I wanted to cd back to my site.
cd /home/ - no joy

I tried a find and MyDomain* and PartOfMyDomain*, no joy

Where does my site live?

Thanks for the reply.


grrrr…think/try longer, post later…


I’m good.


yes, you are right.

In DH, your files are stored in



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Ya know what forums really need? They need a way to hold all posts for 30 minutes and give the poster a chance to figure it all out and then kill the post before it goes live…sort of a phantom post thing.

EVERY time I can’t figure something out and post, I get the answer inside of 10 minutes…doesn’t matter what forum, what app, what problem, 10 minutes, I got it.

Thanks for the confirmation.



It is ok to post your questions and answer here anytime. Even you find the answer in 10 minutes, I believe that your input here will help somebody else.

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And don’t forget that you can go back and delete your post and make everyone who responded look crazy.

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That’s what I like to do. :smiley:

Oh, I just noticed, there actually is smile for crazy: :s


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