Server cache


I’m having trouble seeing updated files after I have uploaded them to the Dreamhost server. I uploaded them again with a different ftp program and still no dice. I tried looking at the pages with three different browsers and emptied their cache. The old files were still visible. Any ideas?

Correct location on server? Your ISP (AOL?) caches views?

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Not on AOL. I’m just grasping here becuse I’m not sure why I cannot see my updated pages on any of the browsers I try. Thought it might be a server issue.

If you gave a URL, then you could get 2nd opinions here.

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Did you upload the files to the right folder? There are three folders in your web directory. Your web pages should be stored inside “” folder.

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Also, it might pay to check that you are logging in using the correct user, the one who ‘owns’ the domain in question.


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