Server busy for weeks

Does anyone else have the same problem? For weeks now i have had different parts of my site return 500 server errors.
I tried doing a test through the webpanel which returned an error that it had been busy for a long time.
I sent a message who replied that maybe i should switch to a private server.

Is this just a ploy to get mne to shell out more money? I have only been signed up for 3 months and all ready i’m asked for more money!

Is this right? Has it/ does it happen to anyone else?



What kinds of scripts are you running?

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I have the same problem with you. But I am in PS now. what’s happened here

I am running cubecart on the server. But why would the server test show that the server had been busy for weeks? The pages that are showing errors are only viewed once a day!

So if the page had errors on it it wouldnt show an error on the server test page???

I shouldn’t think cubecart would pose too much of a problem for a shared host, at least not so much as to warrant considering VPS so soon in the game. The majority of carts are generally friendly but if you stack a heap of products in them or, in particular, resource eating plugins you’ll definitely run into problems.

If you’re using any plugins, disable all but the absolutely necessary ones.

In regard to the “server test” you mention that informs you that your server has “been busy for weeks”, are you referring to the server test within Panel or is that info coming from somewhere else?

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