Server Backup


One of my customers (web site owner) asked me if the web site was backup regularly.

I was wondering what’s the timeframe of backups on shared hosting is and what is the setup for the fault tolerance (Raid 5 with how many hard drives?)

I ask it here because It’s not a rushing question.


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This Kbase article indicates backups occur hourly.

Alec Usticke

We use RAIDed file servers and our hosted data is spread across a bunch of them. The data on any single hosting server may be spread across several separate file servers and each of those file servers is completely redundant.

The filesystem snapshots are done several times a day but they are only stored for up to two weeks. We do have longer term backups in case of catastrophic failure but we would not go onto them to look for a specific file you may have lost as it’s a big task to do so.

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Thanks for the reply.

Well I was just wondering in case of problem of the server. My last hoster had 2 crash in 3 years, and backup was put back with often more than 1 month old.

Yes I have all my backup on my hard drive, but it’s often hard to do an up to date backup of Databases. This is wht I wanted to know.


Our customer mysql databases are backed up by a separate system daily. In rare cases we may have to use data older than 24 hours for a restore, but never as old as a month.

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