Seriously Miffed By The Lack Of Support What's Happening To DreamHost? [Outdated VPS]

I have been a customer of DreamHost since 2010, going back a year or two it started to become some what worse in regards to the lack of support, now, I pay for a domain 3-5 days ago (from YOU), then pay my developers to install some forum software and get told the VPS has outdated software inside it, wow.

I contact you guys and get told it’s an unmanaged account, fine, however how can we update the software, we can’t only you can!. You admit to the mistakes and tell me (thanks for pointing it out we will strive not to let it happen to others), great, but what about me guys?, now I have been made to put in a support ticket (you ay have to wait days) for responses, fact, I have waited for two days which IMO is terrible. So, now I’m left with a bill to pay my developers + outdated VPS (I can’t even use but you are charging me for!) + lack of support.


Hi there,

I apologize for the frustration and any inconvenience it has caused you. If you could please supply the support ticket# or domain name on the account I can get it escalated over to a support manager to review, Thanks!

Matt C

The funny thing is Robert the manager promised me I’d be contacted on the same day and that this would be resolved, now it’s day 2 and your support chat is still turned off and I have not had ONE email response from you guys from 4-5 different tickets. The duplicate one you see is just me sending an email trying to get a damn response!

[quote]#6748696 Please refund this domain 18 hours 45 mins
delete Withdraw Message
#6748464 Guys I paid for the domain 4 days ago and the VPS is outdated, what is going on please? 23 hours 10 mins
delete Withdraw Message
#6748463 Guys I paid for the domain 4 days ago and the VPS is outdated, what is going on please? 23 hours 10 mins
delete Withdraw Message
#6747264 failure to install Telescope on vps 1 day 14 hours
delete Withdraw Message
#6747144 Issues still from yesterday[/quote]

Now you ADMIT you gave me a crap VPS:

I’m told I’ll be contacted on the day and it’s not day 2, no responses what so ever or updates. Yet, you’re still charging me for this VPS, hmmm!

This is your manager telling me this and then I’m ignored for days, I have a VPS that is outdated and I can not even use it this is disgusting customer service. I think you should refund me back for a month and sort this out, if this is how you treat your customers of 5 years then I’m simply shocked.

I feel like I’m boxed in and powerless, your support chat is turned off, the support tickets are ignored, I get no email support, honestly, what’s happened to DreamHost???

Still zero responses not even when I sent further contact messages, DreamHost is SERIOUSLY going down the pan.

Not happy!

I see that our support team has been in contact with you recently. If you need any more support please be sure to reply back to the email update they sent you.

Thank you again for your patience,
Matt C