Seriously considering leaving dreamhost


after a couple years with dreamhost im seriously considering moving because of the lack of tech support. the only method of support is via email and they take FOREVER to respond to anything. incredibly frustrating.


I don’t agree with you.

You can purchase phone support.

I think you may have experienced a great delay with your request but it does not take FOREVER for DH support to response. I pretty much get a reply within 24 hours. When I switched to VPS, there were some issues and it took them 3 days to have it fixed. I didn’t receive any reply at the beginning. By the time they came back to me, it was fixed. I did appreciate their efforts.

So, what is wrong with your account? Is there anything we can help?


24 hours is not acceptable. email only is not acceptable for our business.


So it looks like you’ve got two options: pay more for phone support or pay more for another host which provides phone support or faster email responses.


trust me we went through phone support in one day. 3 calls a month… come on


So, looks like you’re down to one option then, eh?


I don’t think a shared server fits your business. A shared server is meant for a simple low traffic site.

I’ll suggest you to consider a dedicated server. A system administrator will help you to set up the environment.


To be fair, those statements are incorrect.

Perhaps the forum users might be of assistance. What issues are you having that require Support?


I hate to say it, but I’m got to agree with pmn-jjb. The service and the support have been awful lately. My VPS goes down daily, I rebooted it 5 times yesterday. And that’s just because I happened to notice it down, I don’t know how long it was down when I wasn’t around (that’ll teach me to take a day off!) The support has been bad lately, really bad. I sent four support emails last night, and didn’t get a reply until 4:00pm today. 16 hours. That’s just unacceptable. The reply I got basically said they’ve got so many problems that they are trying to deal with they don’t have time to monitor support or Twitter. Which is scary.

I have hosting at two other places, and don’t have issues like that there. I’ve been a customer here since Feb. 2008, and I’ve been recommending DreamHost for years, and have brought them dozens of customers. And I’m pissed that I should move my sites away - I used to LOVE DreamHost.