Serious concerns about removing "sudo" access on VPS


I recently received a notice from Dreamhost that sudo access will no longer be available for my VPS.

Currently, I have my Web Server Configuration set to NOT be managed by Dreamhost. This is because I use “sudo” to access my httpd.conf file and edit the “fcgid” configurations in order to limit the number of Processes per Class.

This is necessary because if I let Dreamhost manage the server, it uses too many “FcgidMaxProcessesPerClass” or it allocates way too much memory to cache and it crashes every half hour. It doesn’t matter how much RAM I use, the memory gets allocated to cache, and when there is a small memory spike, Dreamhost isn’t able to move memory out of cache quick enough and the server crashes - or there will be too many processes running. When I have the ability to limit “FcgidMaxProcessesPerClass”, this solves the problem - but I need sudo access to do this!

If sudo access is removed for my VPS, how am I to “fine tune” the fcgid configurations?

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I have no concerns, I’m shocked! VPS without sudo? What castrated thing is this?
I have several use cases in which sudo access is hardly needed:

  1. modification of httpd.conf to create custom logs, implanting a cgi for detecting password theft, mod_fcgid.c values for transfering big files via ftp.
  2. access to /var/log/messages and other logs
  3. self installed postfix for sending direct mails without dreamhost relayserver (because dreamhost mailer is often blacklisted and no reliable service).
    and more…

The Postfix Client ist no more working after the change and I have no access to fix this.
This is the first time I think I have to leave dreamhost. I’m just forced to.
I’m sad.


I think the real motive is for the type of user that requires that level of access, they want you to move to dreamcompute! Sadly the left hand didn’t talk to the right and find out dreamcompute as temporarily out of space for new sign ups. They likely also likely should have waited until they wee ready to remove the beta stamp from dreamcompute.

Frankly for those with ecommerce sites nothing should have to be changed after Nov 15 until the new year. Site freeze.

They also should have had the two week notice be a softer deadline, leave the two weeks but have a method to grant a 2 week extension automatically… As long as the final date of the extension is before November 15th, which means October 15th is the last possible day dreamhost should have announced something like this… Or after the new year of course.

Hope dreamhost is listening… I’m sure the 14 month of deprecating a php version taught them to just move forward. This one was too short and too late in the year tho.

Yep, we’re listening and we have heard you. Unfortunately things are never simple when there are thousands of customers and multiple products… DreamHost recognized the mistake and the whole team is working hard to fix it. DreamCompute will soon be available for new logins and if you are interested in getting a preview when it’s ready, please contact me privately.

This is all looking a lot like what Netflix did…

Not a good move gentlemen. Not at all.

Just a little friendly business advice…never change your product or service till you KNOW that the alternative or newly preferred solutions is within 80% ready for sell status. This way your customers have a way to continue to use your product or service without delay. Frankly I am really shocked by this. Communication is extremely important for information systems…but then again who am I to know that…

I’d have to agree. If I don’t get sudo access for my account - I’m canceling all my accounts and will just start over.

edit: meh, i’m not gonna sit and wait on their support team to even set up a sudo account. a quick look at how they configure your VPS environment that they don’t want you to have sudo access for is enough. Its total garbage. heh, just deleted my vps server. i guess i’ll treat dreamhost like i do godaddy - a host for wordpress