Serie of questions

Okay, here we go.

I`m now talking about the Crazy Domain Insane hosting plan.
Can I resell it? Can I create an invidual PRIVATE Ftp- and MySQL-accounts for my customers(so that no one cant see other customers mysql-tables or folders(via ftp))? Is the 97 dollar bonus(minus 97 dollars from a one year deal on crazy domain insane hosting plan) a fake or is it real? If it is real, why in earth would someone give 200gb for such a low price? Does all my customers have their own private cpanel?

Is Dreamhost way too overloaded these days like many user reports complain in the net(long and frequent down times, lagging and slowing down etc)? Is anyone here reselling Dreamhosts crazy insane domain hosting plan?

More will come, I`m just too tired now :wink:



It’s Real

It’s called “overselling”

Dreamhost’s control panel is very different in form and function than cPanel, or other commonly encountered web-hosting control panels. It is not “brandable” for re-sellers “out of the box” )though I suppose you could interact with it via programs, if you are a really good programmer :wink: . You can give “limited” Control Panel access to users, by assigning them privileges.

There is a great deal of this kind of information in the Dreamhost wiki.


Does the 97 dollar bonus exclude something from the mentioned hosting plan or is it just the same hosting plan with just a different price? Any idea how many customers Dreamhost has(about, like 10 000, 100 000, 400 000…)?

It’s the same plan, just with a reduction on first year.

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No. DH has indicated elsewhere they host over 360,000 domains, and growing, but that is not an indication of how many customers/accounts, as many customers have many domains.


For how long period do you have to buy the crazy domain insane hosting plan to get the bonus? Can I just buy it for 1 year, pay that 21,40(or something like that) and then just quit or do I have to register it for at least 2 years etc?

The amount of the bonus varies depending upon whether you sign up for month-to-month or longer. You can only get the full $97.00 if you sign up for at least one year. Yes, you can sign up for a single year, get the full bonus and “just quit” at the end of the year.

It pays to note, however, that you can only get a bonus one time, as a “new Dreamhost Customer”; canceling and signing up again will not get you another bonus. You should also note that Dreamhost has “sales” going on that will let you lock in a further discount at the same discounted price for as long as you maintain that account (currently $19.95 a month for Level Three - Code Monster). If you cancel, you will have to pay the “going rate” at the time. Might be lower, might be higher…

Make sure you check out the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus, the 97 day “Money Back Guarantee”, etc. (use a charge card vs. Pay Pal. etc.)


I just finished signing up.

will answer some of your questions.

Hi ModWrite,

How fast do you get the accounts in use after sign up? Have noticed any downtime during this short period or other problems? Any hidden costs(you had to only pay the 22,4(et) for a year?

Im very sorry if I seem like a person that is bitching about everything :) Im just very strict on even the smallest details. It`s just that some of these user reports around internet is making me feel uncertain(of course they might be a marketing strategy of a rival company)

There are no hidden costs. It’s just a way of marketing. DH may loose money in the first year but if they expect you to like it, and renew for the full price. I did it!
You won’t pay more than the value you agree to pay in the signup process, so the offer is real, not a scam at all.
Instead of spending money advertising, the affiliate program has some costs but it turned DH to the company that it’s today.

Check the video (4th image) where Ken Schafer of Tucows asked about the affiliate program:

Well done DreamHost!

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Yes, that’s tight. $22.40 for the first year. Regular price for the next year. No extra costs.

When I signed up a couple of weeks ago. It took approximately five minutes from pushing the pay button to when everything was set up and I could start messing around. Some people have to verify that their card is real but I don’t know how that is calculated.

Ya I agree - the enormous amount of negative reviews on the web is pretty scary. I just recently signed up with much skepticism, hopefully it will work well. But those thousand of negative reviews everywhere online are plentiful. I hope they’re wrong :slight_smile:

Thought I’d give them a shot, and hope they can deliver the goods. If so, they’ll have me for many years to come. Worst case I guess, a year’s worth of wasted money.

With almost 400,000 sites at DreamHost you can bet there are some negative reviews. There always is. There isn’t one host without them, much less one with so much clients…
There isn’t a perfect host. And when it appears, not everyone will have the money for it :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: All money from 90promo was given to Santa’s Helpers Charity :slight_smile:

That’s a good point! Let’s see, a 1 year pre-pay for a Level 1 plan, with a max promo discount of $97.00, would mean that about $22.40 is at risk - you think it might be worth taking the chance?

Of course, you don’t even need to risk that much, as you have a 97 Day Money Back Guarantee (depending upon your payment method).

As for the negative reviews - you are always gonna find them. If you are really curious, check back over the threads of these forums and find some of the other discussion about this - or stage your own “google fight” for “good vs bad” etc. - The majority of Dreamhost customers are happy here. :wink:


I agree, it’s usually the people with bad experiences that tend to post comments. Since it looks like Dreamhost is quite big, as with any other relatively sized company - there are always going to be problems.

I went ahead and took the chance, so far so good. I’m quite happy so far actually, though it’s only been about a week. I’m just hoping things stay as good as they are now, and I’ll be quite a happy camper!

Also, it’s sad, but many hosting companies are not above spreading FUD about their competitors.


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well now we are facing a very difficult problem. You know you have to send the verification fax after paying with a credit card. Well we have a finnish(Finland) credit card with my friend and its numbers and letters are not “pinned up” from the surface of the card. So we cannot do the 3rd part of the activation fax where you have to scrup with a pen the image of the card to the paper.

I have sent a message to the support but I dont even they know what to do because Ive got no answer yet.

What you might be able to do is take a picture of the card (both sides) and your ID and fax this to them. This should establish that you actually do have the card and it is in your name.

Now, there are lots of issues with displaying ID but I can tell you that there’s not a lot of fraud that can be perpetuated with Finnish ID in the US. And you’d only be sharing with a vendor.

Try it and show them that you’re proactive. They aren’t going to do anything today (Thursday) but if you have it ready for them by morning they could have you up by the weekend.

Just a thought!