Sequence of adding domain names

I’m completely confused here, and am wondering if someone can point me to the way of website salvation.

I have a site successfully set up through DreamHost for the past 3 months. Let’s call it It is visible on the web and I am able to get FTP access via DreamWeaver.

I am signed up for “My Sweet Dreams” package, which allows me to add a few more domain names. I now want to do that. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Since the domains were registered with, I went over to their site and in the admin page, I set up the Name servers on these two new accounts, according to DreamHosts’ info (they are the same ones as my ones). (I did this 6 days ago, so I know that there can be some lag time, but I’m guessing that it’s now official). Let’s call these and

Next, I went back to DreamHost today, and in the Admin page, I clicked on the left side panel: Domains: Add Domain. I added “” into the field, and then clicked on Fully Host.

(one side note here: the friend who introduced me to DHost said that by selecting the button “Fully Host”, I would be able to create emails that say "", where if was just a subfolder in the’s site, I would not be able to have that domain-specific email).

In the next window, called “Edit HTTP”, I kept everything as it was by default. I did read the “Top Question” there on the left side panel, but I’m not yet familiar with the definitions of “Parked Domain”, “Redirect” and “Mirror” and “home” and “log” directories, so it didn’t clarify anything at this point. So, I left the defaults as they were; the defaults that were checked were “A Fully Hosted Domain” , "Enabled CGI and run as user: ".

The next window said that everything was set, and it will be up and running in the next 15 minutes.

Ok, here’s where I’m not sure what to do. Since I have already completed the whole “” site here on my computer and hard drive, I went into my DreamWeaver program, and thought that maybe the next step would be to upload the “” as a root folder in the existing “” I did that, but when I went and entered “” into my browser, it didn’t show up. So I next thought that maybe I need to have a separate site. So I set up a new site in DreamWeaver, copied over the same Remote Info settings, changed the “Host Directory” field to “” (it was “”)and tried uploading that, but I keep getting a “FTP Error message 530 Incorrect Login” message.

As you can see, I’m unclear of the process and sequence of events that is needed to set up additional sites. Mainly, though, I don’t know where I’m supposed to place this new “”.

any tips? thanks. whew.

  1. Lag time is usually 24 hours for the name servers to catch up. Sometimes 48. Check to see that the DH name servers took. If they didn’t, do it again. Check back in 24 hours over on dotearth and if they didn’t take, contact them and yell.

  2. If you went to your registrar and inserted the DH name numbers, that should have done the trick. You shouldn’t have had to add the domain…at least, I’ve never had to do it that way. If #1 above is done, then…at this point, I’d FTP into the account and see if “” exists. If it doesn’t, contact Support through your web panel and explain things.

  3. Instead of messing about with Dreamweaver, go get an FTP client and use that. Your FTP user name and password should get you into your root folder, wherein you will see your domain “” folder. Double click and upload your files.

If you need a free FTP client, Windows: :


Macs: [link][/link]

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