Separate webmaster from control panel


Hi. Just set up a new domain, and had a web developer build our page. At the moment, the web developer has our main login info, so that the installation he built resides in my FTP folder, \home\mainowner\ But that gives him full access to the control panel where he can create users, change passwords, etc. I want to point to his FTP folder, \home\webdeveloper\, so he can manage the web page but nothing else. Is there a HOW TO for this?


each domain on dh is owned by one user. if you don’t want him to have access to your main user account then create a second user and then go to manage domain and edit the domain to run under the other user.


If I set the domain to run under the second user, does that just give him control of the website, or the whole domain (user accounts, email, etc.)?


adding new user from manage users allows you to add users who have ftp/sftp or shell access to a domain. they would not be able to manage the files of other users, add e-mail accounts or mysql databases. if you want someone else to have certain control panel access that’s something else under account privileges.


to add a bit to what Ryo-ohki said…

if your referring to him being able to access the webftp button in the panel, he doesn’t need to use that. Just create a user on manage users for him to use, then go to manage domains and change that domain to use that user. then have him use a client like filezilla to access the files.

There is a way to set panel permissions so that he could have panel access but only for that domain, but he may not actually need that.


Thanks, everyone.