Separate master FTP domain accounts


I have just migrated over 4 different domains that will each need to have his or her own admin but to only their respective folder. My master FTP account can see the following:

This is fine as it does not matter that I can see inside the other domains I host. My question is when I create a new FTP user I only see the following folders:

How do you setup admin accounts for different domains and lock it down to only 1 domain? Do I need to re-map a sub directory? Would you consider those domains to be a sub of the master domain root?



The way you’re going to have to set this up, will be to change the user for each domain to the user/pass for your admin. (Panel > Domains > Manage > edit) With this set up, each person will only have access to the domain you set them up for. However, you also won’t have acess to it - there’s no ‘master’ ftp account.

As far as the folder you see when you log in as these users that don’t have a domain assigned to them - it’s just basically storage sapce - by default there’s no web-accessable area for them. You can use remapping, but only to sub-folders (could be wrong on that) - so you can’t give them full domain control.