SEO - User Info Required

I have a freelancer who wants to do some SEO work on my website. I’ve set him up as a new FTP user through DreamHost, but he says he doesn’t have the correct permissions he needs to do the SEO work (the only directories he can see are maildir & logs). He needs access to folders such as wp admin 404.html, etc
He needs me to assign the correct permissions & domains to his user account, but I have no idea how to do this. He says that my FTP isn’t configured correctly.
I’m really hesitant to give him full admin user access to my Wordpress site, which is what he also requested.
Can anyone help me out here with what I should do?

Users don’t work that way. Here is instruction/documentation on that:

As far as whether you should give him access is basically up to you. I would check the individuals references carefully. With that kind of access you might wind up with undesirable code.

If you proceed, back up the entire site (both files and database), when the individual is finished with his work, change the password on the user and run your site through site(s) like virustotal.

I am new to the forum, so am hesitant, but anyway, I have been using internet close to 30 years,and have had many sites, and forums,i My experience is these SEO specialists, or so called SEO s, are nothing but professional spammers. As suggested above you need to check his/her refrences very carefull, personally I would never give anyone admistrative privildges to my CP or site. The results of bad SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) use or techniques can very well get your site blacklisted, and blocked all over the internet. Be careful. and goof luck

I would agree with that, Garry.

I’m pretty darn savvy with SEO, and no, your ‘expert’ does not need FTP access.

No, he does not. He need an account on your blog (possibly an admin, but start with Editor IMO). Everything you need to do to WP to make your SEO go from good to great can be done via the dashboard.

I learned my lesson the hard way, when I first started understanding how search engines work, etc,… I kind of got carried away, I wanted to promote some forums I had started, and my website,…all non commercial, but that does not matter much,…search engines are wonderfull tools, they are a big help when one is looking for something, unfortunately the abuse, by “spammers” and commercial sites, has kind of messed them up (search engines), often one gets things that have nothing to do with what one is searching for, usually commercial adverstisements, or “spam sites”,…
So any way, my first attempts at Search Engine Optimizing, got me listed at SFS ( ),…I had not intended to “spam” anyone, but any way my using of the search engines, got me listed as a spammer,…
I would suggest, try to learn enough to be able to understand any code, html,java script,php,etc. Then if your “expert” has files that need to be up loaded, have him/her send you the file, look it over carefully, before uploading and/or installing it,…make sure you understand what exactly it will do, when you add it to any particular folder,… But I definately would not give any one direct FTP access, nor admin privlidges,…they could upload something that “blocks” you as admin, in other words steal your site.

An important thing about getting good rankings on search engines isn’t to worry about SEO “tricks” - but to ensure you have good well-written content, regular posts and to keep everything up-to-date.

WordPress already can handle summaries and other metadata and perhaps perusing wordpress forums for specialist advice in using its features is the way to go.

Also be mindful to link to any sites you quote or reference. And don’t be afraid to comment on relevant articles on other sites – being mindful of spamming – and linking back to your own web site.