SEO problem, my link but with DreamHost info?! Please help!


Hi guys,

I just launched my WordPress site. However, I can’t seem to find it in any search engine, except typing the exact URL as the keyword. When the result come up, it has DreamHost as the site name but my URL is underneath DH, and the description says “the DreamHost customer who
owns has not yet uploaded their website or has chosen to leave this holding page active…” This is so wired!! Where can I correct those information for my site?

Thanks in advance!


If your site is new, it can take a while for search engines to recognize the new content. As your site grows, though, search engines will visit it more frequently and make quicker updates to title and content snippets. In your head tag, you can set title equal to what you want your search engine link to read as, and you can set the meta description to your recommendation for the short summary that appears under that. For a new site, it could take a week or two for that information to get picked up by the search crawlers, and possibly even a few more days from that for the search engine database to update and propagate through the web.

So, I know how hard it is, but try to be patient for now! Focus on creating killer content - because when it comes time to start promoting your site, you’ll definitely need it!


Also if you haven’t already, delete that quickstart.html file. The way dreamhost configures domains it could still be there and simply no longer getting precedence because you now have an index.html(.php, etc). Getting rid of it entirely however is a better solution for search engines.