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I have one user whose sent email has disappeared from her desk top (covering a period of 6 weeks) but appears in her webmail. How can I have it synced back to her desktop?

Is she using IMAP? And which mail client is she using? Many of them let you “Sync All Mailboxes” in IMAP.
Out of curiosity, is her other mail still on her desktop, such as Trash, Saved, etc.?

She is using IMAP, all other mail Synced with the desktop, including mail she is currently sending out. It missing a six week period, from February to March

I also have this problem. I could see just one of the emails sent yesterday, (in the linked mailbox in Outlook) but not the other 20. I could, however, see messages sent previously. I logged into webmail and could see all the sent messages. I went into settings in webmail, but could see nothing relevant to change that would make any difference. Logged out, went back into linked mailbox…and all the sent messages appear! Very odd.

Would love to know why.

Hello Margle,

Thank you for contacting us. For any issues with email you are experiencing please contact our support team here and they will be able to onvesigate further. Live Chat is online 5am til 10pm PDT daily and ticket support is 24/7,

Matt C