Sent emails not being saved on DreamHost email server


Hi all. I host my business’s website and email with DreamHost.

I mainly use Outlook for email and everything has run pretty fine, until recently. DreamHost stopped saving my Sent emails on the server. They get saved on Outlook. But if I don’t use Outlook, then they’re lost forever.

For example: if I use the Dreamhost Webmail website to send a message, it gives me a notice that says: “Successfully sent message, but unable to save in Sent folder. Quota limit possibly reached?”

What quota?!? I have no quota! When I go to my Dreamhost panel, it says I’m not even using 1% of my mailbox capacity.

So…I’m at a loss. Nothing seems to be wrong, other than the fact that Dreamhost’s server stopped saving sent mail. Has anyone figured this issue out before?

Thanks a lot!


I just began having the same issue today! I’m not aware of a quota, either. I did go through and delete over 100 e-mails, but Sent mail is still not being saved. I’ll be following and hope someone can help!