I’m wanting to install a email marketing software solution. There is one called SendStudio that looks very promissing. Has anybody had used this or similar products with DreamHost? I’m needing to send out about 60k emails, will DH allow this? Thanks for the input.

Dh has a very strick anti-Spam policy. If any of these E-mails are un-solicited it’s not allowed, and the K-base says they will remove your account with out refund.

Check it out:


[quote]I’m needing to send out about 60k emails, will DH allow this?


From under your account, probably not. Technically we don’t disallow bulk email from being sent from our web servers, but with so many recipients it will be very difficult to send that many emails out in a reasonable amount of time without clogging up our mail servers (and incurring the ire of our Dev/Admin team, not to mention that of fellow DH customers).

Generally speaking, we really prefer that people use our own announcement list solution instead:

Beyond the general stability/performance concerns, we also have a very strict anti-spam policy, and will disable accounts that do not follow it. You can read it here:

The very most important requirements are these: Everyone on your list should have signed up for your list, not somebody else’s (ie. you should have collected this list yourself - it shouldn’t be a purchased list). All subscribers must have been added using an opt-in confirmation process, wherein each subscriber receives an email with a tagged link they must click on prior to being added to the list. All confirmations must be logged with the date, time, and IP address associated with that confirmation.

If you have any questions about the specifics, etc. of these policies, please contact support and they’ll route your request to me.

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