I’ve had a problem at another hosting company and I would be willing to leave that company if I found a solution to my problem at dreamhost. I feel this must be a common problem that others have encountered.

Here is the setup: This company is hosting my web site, which is, say, I have an external mail server, pointed to by my mx records, at The problem is that when I use sendmail from within a cgi script to send to an address at, the mail gets trapped in the hosting company’s internal mail system. There is probably a solution to this by changing the sendmail config file, but I don’t have access to that file. Has anyone else solved this problem at dreamhost?


(better to use your actual domain name)

If we’re doing DNS for your domain, simply remove the mail service, and add the correct MX record by hand (or have support do it for you if your plan doesn’t support custom DNS management). If we were doing DNS for your domain there probably wouldn’t be a problem in the first place though, since the hosting machines would see the right MX record from our nameservers…

If we’re not doing DNS for your domain (note: I don’t recommend this), you can disable the DNS service (and / or the mail service) for the domain so that our servers don’t think they’re authoritative for your domain.

You can edit / remove services from the Domains => Manage section of the web admin panel.

Excellent. Thank you.

However, I’m wondering why you don’t recommend doing dns elsewhere. (We would do this since we are a poor non-profit and can’t afford the code warrior plan to get custom dns. We would like to direct subdomains to outside IPs.)


You can still have DNS entries added for you by support (fairly quickly), and to be honest, if you ask nicely, you can probably get this feature added for free.

I don’t recommend hosting your DNS elsewhere because if we move you to a new machine / IP, change the way your mail is configured or anything else you will very likely run into problems.