Sendmail through cgi

I have several cgi scripts, tell-a-friend and such, that have worked fine with my previous hosting provider, but won’t work with dreamhost. They use a simple sendmail call, but all the emails get bounced back to me with Undeliverable Mail: 554 Relay Access Denied. I am using a direct call to /usr/sbin/sendmail … does there need to be some other switches in the sendmail call to make these scripts work?

I don’t think so, because I am using an smtp method in zen cart and phpbb and they are all sending. It is only when I try to use a sendmail request in any cgi scropt (or even their one-click install programs like zen cart and phpbb) that I get the 554 Relay Access Denied error. I have opened two help desk tickets with dreamhost, and they haven’t answered. Other quetions I have had in the past were answered in 24 hours or less.

No nothing to do with hotmail. It has to do with the sendmail call in a cgi or php script that tries to send email. They all get bounced back. When you use a script smtp with auth call, eveything works.

Is anyone successfully calling sendmail in a script in having it work?