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Hello Guys & Gals,
I wonder - and kinda’ hope some of you learned and more experienced coders can shed some light on an issue that’s beginning to drive me nuts with frustration. That is, I can’t get Subdreamer to send Form postdata from the GUI. I have taken time to configure Subdreamer correctly, as far as I am able. There isn’t a location within Subdreamer’s admin panel to input anything other than “technical support email address” So this makes me wonder if there’s a problem with coding in one of the php files?
I’ve tested the installation over and over again and everything else functions as it should, up to the part when I choose to use the “contact us” form on the site and then “send” - in more detail this is the error report I get:

The requested url /contact/p6_action/sendmail was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

Any ideas what’s causing the problems?

I would appreciate your comments.

with kind regards to all.


Unfortunately, as that software is commercial, and the source code is not available for me to look at and I cant’ install it to test, I can only guess as to the problem.

Your error message indicates an installation or configuration problem with the path to sendmail is likely the problem, but I don’t now how to advise you correcting it as I am unfamiliar with the setup/installation procedure for that software.

As it is a commercial program, I suggest you contact the author; they should be able to help. :wink:


My first thought is that the CMS is looking for sendmail in the wrong place. phpinfo() tells me that sendmail is located in “/usr/sbin/sendmail” and it should be the same for you; however, I’m not entirely sure why it would need to know this in the first place.

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