Sendmail not working? Web panel support system doesn't work


First. I hate your web panel form to contact support. I only have
access via my iPad right now and every time I tried to select a
category from the drop down, the browser would crash (not that any of
the options accurately reflected my issue anyways). In addition none of the
links from the main page do anything on an iPad. What ever happened to
being able to call you for support? Sometimes things are just plain broken.

I left a message on the number provided in the Whois entry for but received no call back.

Definitely starting to consider taking my 10 year old account elsewhere.

It appears there may be a problem with sendmail on crate, as automatic
emails, such as ones generated by my website to provide software
license keys to my customers is no longer sending anything by email,
but otherwise seems to be functioning correctly. This script has been working fine for about 2-3 years now.


Our somewhat recent anti-spam measures may be impacting you -

The short version is that we stopped letting people send email ‘from’ an address that didn’t match the domain they were sending from.

I’ll pass on the panel issues to the team working on the new version.


Although I am using the Dreamhost provided option to use Gmail as my mail server, the from address is a valid email address of a domain hosted by Dreamhost. Functionality is intermittent. Sometimes mail goes out, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it goes out very delayed. If it were a filter, it should be stopping all of them.


We are unable to send email from our SVN post-commit hook, and I suspect it’s an issue with the server itself. When I SSH in and execute a simple mail command like:

And then when I check the mail queue with:

I see one of the following possible errors:
[]mail transport unavailable
]delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[]:25: Connection timed out
[*]delivery temporarily suspended: conversation with[] timed out while receiving the initial server greeting
But still no emails received. I should also note that there are over 4000 items in the mail queue!


Hello? Dreamhost? Anything further?


I received a support response from Dreamhost this morning. Disappointing that they don’t have better mail threshold checks on their systems to prevent spam attacks:


Mail on our relay machine was queued for delivery. This was the result of spam run due to users compromised software. There were nearly 2 million messages in the mailq. Our admins were to clear most of the spam messages and also added additional relay machines to balance the load. It will still take a few hours for everything to catch up. There are still nearly 80K that need to be delivered. We sincerely apologize for any
inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your continued patience. If
you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Brian S[/quote]


[b]What is going on?
I just had several e-mails bounce back to me saying my IP was blacklisted: “Client host []”
I tried to make a report with Cloudmark Sender Intelligence™ (CSI), and they say a report has already been filed:
“Remediation Already Requested. A request for remediation has already been made for the IP address: Only one request can be made per 24-hour period.”
Is it due to the backlog of e-mails that are now getting slammed at servers? We need this fixed. Our reputations are on the line here !!

BTW I’m on homiemail-sub5 NOT homiemail-sub4. They have acknowledge issues with homiemail-sub4.[/b]


Bewitching, have you opened a support case with us yet?

These should be resolving soon, if not already.


Yes, I did create a support ticket.
No, this issue is NOT resolved. The IP: still comes up on the blacklist. Perfect timing on a Friday, no less, and 1 week before Black Friday sales start.
I am one pissed off customer at this point.


I am still having the issue as well. Just took 4 hours to deliver a single mail. And as I’ve already advised, I can not open a support ticket, though that was simply brushed aside, like the rest of my concern.


I promise they’re not brushed aside.

We’re aware of delays and issues with emails, and we’re working on it. I wish this was one of those things where we could press a button and fix it, but untangling this and getting everything back up to speed in a way that doesn’t accidentally get everyone tagged as spammers (for sending out all the emails at once) is something we have to do carefully. The email team is aware of your concerns, and they’re working as fast as they can to fix everything.

We’re very sorry about the delays, and we’re looking into how we can make sure this doesn’t happen again.


I have the same issues where it sometimes takes almost a day to receive the mails i am connected to homiemail-sub5.
When do you think this will be solved?

Why is there nothing mentioned of this in the status page?
The only thing mentioned is that the problems with homiemail-sub4 are solved.


Indeed, why is this not mentioned on the status page?

I hope someone from support is reading this. I haven’t received any email since November 19th!

I have no idea which mail server I’m on, as I cannot log in to the panel. IP authentication is on, and to get in I need to receive an email with the auth code. I can’t even create a support ticket. Catch 22 :frowning:


gaele - If you can’t log in to Panel then please go to and fill it in for a forgotten password. Use an alternate email address, and we should be able to help you out. I’d tell you what mail sever you’re on, but without your domain, I can’t tell.

Old email from web servers (i.e. the ones WP sends) is catching up and should be all caught up by end of today, and no new mail from web servers should be delayed. If you’re having slowness with regular email (like through your email apps), that’s a different issue, and you should open up a ticket with support.


Thanks for your reply. My domain is

Twice I tried to use the contact form to report my problem. Twice the happy DreamHost Ticket Moving Robot moved my ticket to a general queue “for informational purposes” without looking into my specific problem.

I have a mail forward from dreamhost to They looked into the problem but couldn’d find any blocking of my mail on their end. So the problem seems to be at Dreamhost. Perhaps my mail is still waiting and the queue needs a kick (happened before).


You should use your SMTP server to send mail rather than sendmail, it’s much quicker and more reliable. I use PHP on my sites, and it has a great PEAR MIME Mail module… check it out if you use PHP.
Sounds like this thread has jumped off its original track.

If you’re having trouble with SENDMAIL, then I suggest you try changing your scripts to use your SMTP server to send email from a website.

If you’re having trouble with your regular email… then you’ve posted in the wrong thread.


I too have had the problems with Sendmail. I’ve delayed switching to SMTP but I think now is the time to do it. These blocked IPs and spam blocking will never stop as long as spammers continue to gain access to Dreamhost’s e-mail server. I’ve been struggling on and off for over a year now with SendMail and now it is time to switch. I’ve always had a prompt response from support when I contact them about this, and they have in the past suggested to switch to SMTP. Sadly, the response I get usually is there is a backlog of e-mail and this is the cause of the delay (probably because of a spammer that has gained access to someones account).

Do you have any suggestions or links to switch over to SMTP using the PEAR MIME Module?


What webapps are you using for sendmail? Some of them are easy to switch, but if it’s home-grown code, it could be a bit harder.


the scripts are not webapps, but custom scripts created to generate e-mails for such things like payment notification, automated replies and warnings, alerts etc. I believe the scripts are written in PERL and PHP. I guess what I am looking for is an example that is specific and would work in a Dreamhost setup.


I took a quick look.

You would probably want to use PHPMailer, which has an SMTP option:

Is that what you were looking for?