Sendmail MovableType

I’m running MovableType 3.15 (PHP as module) and I can’t get sendmail to send email notification of new comments. I have mt.cfg configured:

SendMailPath /usr/sbin/sendmail

I can’t figure out where the error is. I have commenting turned on in the MT configuration settings. Email address is OK. I have no problems having email notification of new comments via my WordPress and ExpressionEngine blogs using the same email address.


Apologies for the anon above–thought I was logged in. I found the answer to my problem over at MovableType.

"there’s a bug in 3.14 and 3.15.

Installing MT Blacklist fixes the problem, as long as MT Blacklist is activated."

Installing MT Blacklist fixed it right away.

Thanks for the heads-up. I had no problem getting Sendmail to work on my old host prior to installing MT-Blacklist, so this was a complete surprise.

Just checked, and sure enough, I had installed it, but hadn’t re-activated it nor installed the latest blacklist.txt file.

Thanks again :o)

Update: Turns out I spoke to soon. Reactivating MT-BLacklist and installing the latest list didn’t work. Sooooo, I went back into my Weblog Configuration and sure enough . . . dumb me missed checking the send email with new comments . . . sheesh ~smacks self in the head~