Sending Queued Mail

I’m researching software for my company and I have a few questions.

I work for a campground. We do reservations over the phone that get entered into our computer system. We have 6 computers that do reservations, all connected to a single server. Our system is not connected to the internet except once a day when we dial up to do various end-of-day processes. We are looking into changing the way our email confirmations work.

What we’d like to do is have a mail server that queues messages (send by standard email clients on the 6 reservation computers) and sends them in one batch at the end of the day over our dial-up. Is this a difficult or problematic setup? Do you have a better idea on how we should implement this?

Any recommendations for mail server software for the local network?

Keep in mind that the dial-up is dynamic-IP and is intermittent (once daily). The mail server does not need to handle incoming mail at all, just sending email confirmations.

We look forward to having an always on high(er) speed connection but it’s likely that it’ll be about 3 years before that’s possible.

Ed Palma
Collins Lake

Most smtp server like hMailServer should do this.

However, use is as a relay.

Dialup ip are often marked as potential spammer.

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As long as you’re staying within the email quota that dreamhost has, I don’t see why you can’t use your dreamhost account as a relay.


I’m pretty new at setting up mail server software.

Thanks for the hMailServer reference.

I tried to get Mailtraq (some other windows mail server) to work earlier today with no luck. I kept getting invalid authentication on the domain. It may have just been the software- I entered smtp authentication as with a password. No luck.

Do I just need to use as a relay, with authentication as and a password for that account or am I missing something. Like I said, I’m new at this so shoot low- If you know of a good tutorial I’m about googled out.

Is anyone else doing this? Any caveats or special setup for Dreamhost?

Thanks all, Ed

hMailServer works great! In fact it looks like MailTrack was just a cumbersome GUI shell on hMail. The hMail Admin tools have a better GUI anyhow.


most of the email server providers are able to do this including DH.

DH is using squirrel mail. The interface is not fantastic but has most of the email features.

You will have a pop, imap, and smtp server after you set up email in DH.

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Nathan, re-read the original post.

The OP is (was) looking for mail server software that he could install on his local network that would queue outbound emails, due to him only having dial-up Internet access.


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You can do this easily with sendmail or exim. Just send the mail to the server and have it dialup once daily to send the mail out. I would check with Dreamhost and see what their max emails per day is though. They may not have a threshold but if they do, you should probably tell it to queue up until that point and then send.

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Wow I’ve never seen the words “easily” and “sendmail” in the same sentence before! Oh well. It’s working really well with hMailServer- exactly what we were looking for. I’m actually in the process of moving my mail over to gmail since authentication still goes down on DH every now and again (still have the love tho).

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