Sending Newsletters by City

The musical project I’m a part of has been collecting email addresses both online with the Dreamhost announcelist, as well as in person while touring around the world. As well as the email address and name, we’ve also been collecting City information associated with each address.

When we go on tour, we often don’t hit every market we’ve gathered emails for, so we’ve found it necessary to send information about our shows by City in order to prevent spamming uninterested fans in distant cities. Unfortunately, the Announcelist software provided in the Dreamhost webpanel does not have this capability.

My first idea would be to install a more robust newsletters software onto my server, such as Mailman - though I’m not sure if this would be the easiest way, or if I would even have sufficient console privileges for a successful install.

What would you suggest I do to solve this issue, without resorting to a third party web service?

So I definitely do not have sufficient SSH access to install mailman. Perhaps on a VPS server? But I’d hate to pay an extra $60 a year for a one time installation. Is it possible to hire Dreamhost staff to install it for me?

Mailman is already set up on DreamHost servers, as part of the Discussion Lists feature. However, it is not really appropriate for this task.

As an alternative, you may want to consider setting up a separate announcement list for each city.

Something like may work for you.

You may really have to sign up for a third party service for this militia man. DH is a good host but what you need are mass emails on a larger scale and there are companies that are handling that kind of needs like pommo which has been shared to you here.