Sending newsletter with PHPled Newsletter problem

We’ve only recently moved to dreamhost and havent gotten around to sending a newsletter - we have a small database of legitimate subscribers and i’ve been trying to send a newsletter recently with the PHP LED MAILER 1.8 from - we’ve chosen this script specifically in trying not to create problems with the mailserver

  • i’ve tried various settings too and allthough sending out individual mails works perfectly, when i start the big queue (~2000 subscribers) everything goes as planned and it reports a succesful send - however almost no e-mail reaches its destination (i’ve set up a few test e-mail accounts at the beggining the middle and end of the list and also asked subscribers directly)

Does anyone know of any reason or maybe default action of the hosting that is causing this ?

Thanks for reading.

Are you able to limit how many emails are sent per hour. DH has a limit of about 100 or 200 emails per hour, go over that can you can be blocked.

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well this is news to me . thanks . i’ll try limiting it to 100 per hour. untill now the script sent batches of 10 emails with a 10 second pause in between - i guess it is a bit too much - i’ll try it out … thank you