Sending money in time

In 10 days, on March 28th, my hosting will expire. I’ve set it to auto-renew, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, there is no credit on my DH account. I have a Paypal linked to my bank account, so I told Paypal to send Dreamhost the money. Now my bank says it’ll take 5 workdays to move the money. So far, the money has not been taken from my bank account, nor added to my DH account. I’m afraid that it might not reach DH in time.

What happens if there’s no money on my DH account on the moment my hosting expires…? :o
Will I lose everything?

Nope. There’s a massive grace period to give you time to get funds into the account.

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Be sure to let Billing here know what’s going on. I don’t know if there’s a billing option in the Support system, but give it a look. If you don’t find one, there’s one here: