Sending html in email

hello, i’m having trouble getting my outgoing messages to display html (when the receiving email is set to read it).

i type in code, and it’s received as code…
i know some programs seem to have an option in the compose screen ‘this is html’ but none of mine seem to- i’m using apple mail and yahoo mail on safari, and i tried the dreamweaver webmail as well, all on mac osx. i’m fairly certain the problem is not in how the code is written.


If the messages in question are being sent with MIME headers that say they’re plain text, that’s what a standards compliant mail program is going to display them as. You need to send them with a header that indicates HTML. How exactly you do this depends on what particular program you’re using.

– Dan

thanks for answering :slight_smile:

i’m using safari on a mac.


you can’t “send email” with Safari. Safari is a web browser.
If Yahoo does not not support Sending HTML email, then you won’t be able to send HTML email with Yahoo no matter what browser you use.

Apple’s MAIL email client will Receive and Display HTML email, but does NOT support sending HTML email (it will in the next version though)