Sending emails

I am about to launch a closed beta test for a simple, turn based browser game. From the server side PHP I want to send email to the next player to take their turn. Is hundreds or thousands of emails being sent a day going to tweak something on Dreamhost?

It all depends on when the emails are sent. You will have to deal with the SMTP hourly sending quotas that restrict the number of recipients you can send to in an hour. See this wiki article for further details regarding how the quota works:

Thanks RL. Good in the short term, hopefully not after a month or three… Does Dreamhost offer a product that doesn’t have this restriction or is there a way to receive a blessing for this activity? If not can you recommend a different solution?

I suppose you could use a Gmail account and have your PHP script connect to the Gmail outbound mail server, just like a standard mail client would do. But I’m not sure if the DH firewalls block this type of outbound traffic.

This restriction is in place for all accounts we offer. If you can demonstrate that your emailing is in complete compliance with our anti-spam policies, the limit can be increased to a considerably higher number of recipients.

This is handled on a case-by-case basis, and you should contact support through official channels (use the “Support -> Contact Support” section of the control panel) to open a dialog with our support staff about requesting an increase in hourly sending quota.

OK, I have sent them a note along with appropriate bribe. Thanks again