Sending email


I am using IMAP. When I send email, it gets stored locally on my hard drive. Is there a way to have it stored remotely (i.e. on the DH server) in a folder instead of being stored on my laptop? The reason for this is I want to have access to my sent email at any computer.


There is almost certainly a way to set that in your email client, although some clients will handle it better than others. I’ve never been able to get my client in OSX to store the sent mail remotely, but Thunderbird does it right.

Check your email account settings in your email software for an option to store Sent and/or Draft messages on the remote server.

Thanks for your help, but I am definitely interested on getting a direction about where I would look. I have searched Outlook’s help menu, topics and the internet and I cant seem to find it. Any advice would be appreciated.