Sending email (SMTP) through at DH?

My connectivity provider does not provide an outgoing mailserver, and I’m having problems sending email (SMTP) via Dreamhost, i.e. to, hosted at DH.

I’ve read the instructions at
but authentication is being refused.

How do I need to configure my mail client to solve this problem? I’ve tried telling it to try using my “panel” DH password when querying, but to no avail.

In short, what is actually required to authenticate gateway SMTP access?

My connectivity providers tell me they aren’t the problem, and I believe them, because my mail client is getting told that authentication at the DH end is failing.

Help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks!


The first thing to do is to see if you can access your email account in your web browser via webmail.yourdomain.tld. Note that the user/password credentials you should be using are those of your “machine user” (Control Panel -> Users -> Manage users) and are not necessarily the same as your “WebId”.

If you can do that, then you probably just need help configuring your email client, and there is lots of help available for that on the DreamHost wiki.

If you cannot access your email account via webmail.yourdomain.tld, then you are either using the wrong credentials or something else is wrong.

To help us help you, it would help if we knew what email client you are using. :wink: