Sending email is inconsistent

I can send email from webmail to a Google account of iCloud account and they will receive it just fine. I can’t send it to another Dreamhost account or back to the same account through webmail. I am getting the same results sending through iOS and sending through any desktop mail application. I would think if this was something where I screwed up settings (which I’ve double and triple-checked), then I would at least be able to send email from Dreamhost’s own webmail, but that isn’t even happening. What’s going on here? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You’ll need some configuration

Ok. Configuration of what? What needs to be configured? I would think webmail would be already set to go. Is that not the case?

Message me. I’ll send you some instructions

Is this occurring on one specific mailbox user or has this issue suddenly appeared across all the mail accounts accessible in your DH admin panel?

It appears to be happening across all mail users.

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If the addresses being blocked share a common domain it might be that DH mailservers are using a spamlist that the domain has (unreasonably, or course) been placed on.

If you’ve put in a support ticket and have yet to receive a response then I’d suggest tweeting the ticket number at them @DreamHost and @DreamHostCare to give them a prod.

Wy don’t we get a response to this issue?

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