Sending email gets stuck at "copying to sent folder"


I´m having a strange problem.

I have multiple email accounts on multiple domains, all work fine except one.

I configure the account in ThunderBird, like all the others, in the exact same way, but for some reason, each time I send an email, it is sent, but it is never copy to the Sent folder… it simply gets stuck on the message “copying to sent folder”…
ThunderBird keeps running normally, but does not copy the email to the sent folder.

I’m using the following setup:

  • IMAP, 993, SSL/TLS
  • SMTP, 465, SSL/TLS

I tested it on several computers all give the same error.
I use this setup for all my emails… why is this one having problems?

Found the problem!

The SMTP was not setup properly, strangly enough, some of my emails (all at dreamhost) work with a specific SMTP, and some others (all at dreamhost) with a different SMTP… go figure.

I simply change the SMTP and it’s fixed:

  • IMAP, 993, SSL/TLS